TCODE Classification

Beberapa TCODE yang dimiliki oleh Classification adalah sebagai berikut :

  • Master Data

CL02 – Classes

CLHP – Graphical Hierarchy Maintenance

  • Classification

CL20N – Assign Object to Classes

CL24N – Assign Objects / Classes to Class

CL22N – Assign Class to Superior Classes

CL26 – Mass Release of Assignments

CLMM – Mass Change for Assigned Values

  • Find

CL30N – Find Objects in Classes

CL31 – Find Object In Class Type

  • Environment – Settings

CL2B – Class Type

  • Environment – Reporting

CL6AN – Class List (ALV)

CL6A – Class List

CL6D – Class without superior class

CL6C – Class Hierarchy

CL6BN – Object List (ALV)

CL6B – Object List

CL6O – Object Comparison

CL2A – Classification Status

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