Business Transaction

ABUD Display in budgeting
ACDC Change date
ACOF Reset “accepted” flag
ACON Set “accepted” flag
AEBL Create change document
AMST Change milestone
ANAK Accept quotation
ANAN Create quotation for order
AOCB Block assembly order
AOCR Unblock assembly order
AREL Change relationship
AZAF Down payment request
AZBU Down payment
AZUM Down payment – transfer postg
BABS Close
BDCU Incomplete req. configuration
BFRE Release
BFRZ Revoke status “Released”
BNCH Benchmark
BTAB Technically complete
BTCL Tech compl revoke created
BTCT Tech compl revoke part rel’d
BUAA Complete back to tech complete
BUAB Revoke status “Closed”
BUNL Unlock
BUTA Revoke technical completion
CABS CM: Close object
CARD Walking card
CATS Time entry sheet
CBAN CM: Create Baseline
CBAS CM: Execute baselining
CBEX CM: Explode Baseline
CC01 Inspection request for ECR
CC02 Complete ECR inspection
CC03 Approve ECR
CC04 Withdraw approval for ECR
CC05 Convert ECR
CC06 Complete ECO
CC07 Release ECO
CC08 Unlock
CC09 Lock change
CC10 Refuse change request
CC11 Change request incomplete
CC12 ECO complete
CC21 Object: change possible
CC22 Object: change not necessary
CC23 Object: change not possible
CC24 Object: complete change
CC25 Object: release change
CC26 Object: errors in change
CC27 Object: Error corrected
CFAN CM: Create Folder
CFRB Release baselining
CFVE CM: Release distribution
CLM1 Costing created
CLOE CM: Delete
CMAE CM: Change
CMAR CM: Archive without deletion
CMBG CM: Background Processing
CMOB CM: Set Object as Obsolete
CMRB CM: Reset Background Process.
CMRS CM: Undo lock
CMSP CM: Lock object
CNAN CM: Create successor
COFM CO-FM integration
COIE CO Sales order/proj. inventory
COIL Del. from stock or proj. order
COIN CO Through-postings from FI
CONF Change configuration data
CORR Adjustment posting
CORT Temporary adjusting entry
CPPA ABC Actual process assessment
CPPP ABC process assessment: plan
CRAB Terminate control recipe
CRCR Create control recipe
CRFB CM: Undo Baseline release
CRFI Set ctrl. recipe to “finished”
CRFV CM: Undo distribution release
CRSN Create subnetwork
CTPD Delete process instructions
CTPG Generate process instructions
DCMT Document
DELH Delete Historical Order
EBRC Create order record
EBRQ Archive insp. lot for PI order
EINB Include master recipe
EQIE Create Equi under construction
EQVF Release equipment for use
FIPA Payment scheduling
FIPL Financial budgeting
GENA Reject approval
GENE Submit for approval
GENM Approve
GFRE Release
GFRZ Revoke status “released”
GL00 G/L activity group (actual)
GL01 G/L activity group (plan)
GLAA FI-SL/FI-GL: Actual assessment
GLAP FI-SL/FI-GL: Plan Assessment
GLDA FI-SL/FI-GL: Actual Distributn
GLDP FI-SL/FI-GL: Actual Distributn
GLFI Data transfer in flexible G/L
GLPL FI-SL/FI-GL: Manual Planning
GLU1 Transfer Ext. system -> FI-GLX
GMPD Undo order approval
GMPG Grant single order approval
GZST Postpone approval
HRBV Preliminary posting in HR
HRP1 HR payroll accounting
HU01 Post Goods Receipt
HU02 Post Goods Issue
HU03 Loading
HU04 Unload
HU05 Confirm (Physical Existence)
HU06 Delete
HU07 Lock
HU08 Unlock
HU09 Generate
HU10 Weigh
HU11 PP Picking
HU12 PPPI completeness check
HU13 PPPI sequence check
HU14 PPPI release
HU15 PPPI reservation + GI posting
HU16 HU Change
HU17 Reversal of Goods Receipt
HU20 Physically Inventory
HU21 Inventory Posted
HU22 Revoke Physical Inventory
HU23 Delete Phys. Inventory Status
IDCH Change identifier
IKOS Estimate expense
ILCR Create inspection lot
ILDL Delete inspection lot
INAK Set object inactive
INAZ Reset object inactive
ISHL ISH: Hospitals
JRIU Reverse actual contrib.
JRIV Seg. adjustment: Act. distrib.
JVIU JV Actual assessment
JVIV JV Actual distribution
JVPL JV Planning data document
JVU1 JV Reposting costs
KABA Res.analysis dyn. items res.
KABB Res.analysis dyn.items POrder
KABF Define WIP/results analysis
KABG Automat. WIP/results analysis
KABK Settlement account assignment
KABM Manual WIP/results analysis
KABP Plan Settlmnt Acc. Assignment
KABV Maintain settlement rule
KABW Maintain settlement parameters
KAFD External data transfer
KAFM Payment data
KALD Create cost estimate
KALZ Reset cost estimate
KAMV Manual cost allocation
KAUS Calculate scrap
KAVM Clear down paymnt with PO ref.
KAVO Clear down payment w/o PO ref.
KAVR Value added tax finance data
KAZI Actual cost center accrual
KAZM Down pymts re purchase orders
KAZN Down paym. clearance w/PO ref.
KAZO Down payment
KAZP Plan cost center accrual
KAZV Down payment clearing
KBF1 Release approval group 1
KBF2 Release approval group 2
KBF3 Release approval group 3
KBF4 Release approval group 4
KBF5 Release approval group 5
KBFC Availability control
KBFF Cross commitments
KBFR Budget release
KBFS Soft availability control
KBI0 Increase bdgt revenue manually
KBI1 Rev.incr. budget automatically
KBI3 Rev.incr. bud., proc.
KBI4 Rev.incr.bud.,recvr call proc.
KBKR Financial result
KBL1 Local lock for release group 1
KBL2 Local lock for release group 2
KBL3 Local lock for release group 3
KBL4 Local lock for release group 4
KBL5 Local lock for release group 5
KBLO Funds blocking
KBLR Local lock
KBLZ Payment transfer
KBN0 Budget supplement
KBNC FYC residual budget, manually
KBR0 Budget return
KBRC Return of offcuts
KBRD Revenue shortfalls
KBU1 Sender of carryover
KBU2 Receiver of carryover
KBU3 Sender of advance
KBU4 Receiver of advance
KBU5 Transfer of carryover
KBU6 Transfer of advance
KBU7 Rep. coll. bud. admin. – sendr
KBU8 Rep. coll. bud. admin. – recvr
KBU9 Rep. coll. bud. admin – trans.
KBUC Budget costing
KBUD Budgeting
KBUE Budget transfer (receiver)
KBUF Reposting R -> E Sender
KBUG Reposting R -> E Receiver
KBUS Budget transfer (sender)
KBUT Budget transfer (transfer)
KBV1 Sender: budget transfer
KBV2 Receiver: budget transfer
KBV3 Transfer: budget transfer
KBW1 Sender of carryover
KBW2 Receiver of carryover
KBW3 Sender of advance
KBW4 Receiver of advance
KBW5 Transfer of carryover
KBW6 Transfer of advance
KBW7 Rep. from true CE – Sender
KBW8 Rep. from true CE – Receiver
KBW9 Rep. from true CE – Transfer
KCOM Funds commitment
KCTC Projects forecast costs
KEDR Derivation
KEKB Unit costing
KEKE Unit costing (Indiv. invent.)
KEKP Unit costing (primary)
KEKS Unit costing (secondary)
KEKZ Unit costing (overhead)
KENT Credit overhead/accrual
KEPB Write budget line items
KEPP Write plan line items
KFOR Revenue commitment
KFPE Individual measure
KFPI Transfer price allocation
KFPO Commt from transfer price agmt
KFPP Transfer price agreement
KGPD Distribution acc. to peg
KKKP Control Costs (Primary)
KKKS Control Costs (Secondary)
KMAN Earmarked fds, manual redctn
KMBO Funds Reservation
KMOB Earmarked funds
KOAA Settle incoming order data
KOAB Plan data transfer
KOAE Actual settlement (external)
KOAK Distribution for co-products
KOAL Actual settlement of IAA
KOAM Plan settlement of IAA
KOAO Actual settlement
KOAP Plan settlement
KOAQ Debit from actual settlement
KOAR Credit from actual settlement
KOAS Debit from plan settlement
KOAV Settlement of variance data
KOAW Settling results analysis data
KOAX Billing plan results analysis
KOGA Autom. gener. settl. rule
KOLI Collective order delivery
KOR1 Incoming orders: Automatic
KOR2 Incoming orders: Manual change
KOR3 Incoming orders: Stock reduct.
KOR4 Incoming orders:
KOSW Object selection in worklist
KOVT Commitment carryforward
KPAY Payment reservation
KPIV Actual cost distrib. cost obj.
KPIW Act cost distrib. COB IAA
KPPB Standard cost estimate
KPPE Std cost est. (ind.purch.ordr)
KPPL Std cost est. (credit fr.del.)
KPPP Standard costing (primary)
KPPS Standard costing (secondary)
KPPZ Standard costing (overhead)
KPR6 Resource Price Maintenance
KPR7 Resource Price Display
KPRE Funds precommitment
KPUW Plan revaluation
KRAT LIS transfer: Actual stat. KF
KRES Funds reservation
KREV Revaluation of earmarked funds
KRPT LIS transfer: Plan stat. KF
KSD0 Quotation pricing
KSI0 Actual cost center split
KSI1 Actual split costs (primary)
KSI2 Actual split costs (secondary)
KSI3 Actual split costs IAA
KSII Actual price calculation
KSOP Prim. Target Cost Calculation
KSOS Sec. Target Cost Calculation
KSP0 Plan split costs
KSP1 Plan split costs (primary)
KSP2 Plan split costs (secondary)
KSP3 Plan split costs IAA
KSPA Assessment to CO-PA
KSPB Plan assessment to CO-PA
KSPI Plan price calculation
KSPS Plan reconciliation
KSTE Unit costing (planning)
KSTP Total cost planning
KSTR Revenue planning (total)
KSWP Prim. Target Cost Calc. (WIP)
KSWS Sec. Target Cost Calc. (WIP)
KVAR Variance calculation
KZPI Actual overhead (periodic)
KZPP Plan overhead (periodic)
KZRI Interest calculation (actual)
KZRP Interest Calculation (Plan)
LKZS Set deletion indicator
LVMS Mark for deletion
LVMZ Remove deletion flag
MAAK RE: Activate rent adjustment
MABR RE: Demolish
MAEP RE: Check accounting unit
MAER RE: Determine rent adjustment
Mar-00 RE: Archive with zero balance
MARC RE: Archive w.non-zero balance
MAST RE: Reverse rent adjustment
MAVV RE: Conclude comm. prov.agrmnt
MBST RE: Include in portfolio
MBSV RE: Intended for portfolio
MCAE RE: Change management contract
MCAK RE: Activate managmnt contract
MCAL RE: Create managmnt contract
MCLO Mark mgt contract for deletion
MDEL RE: RA, RU:Delete all statuses
MEAE RE: Change rental unit
MEAN RE: Create rental unit
MELO RE: RU flag for deletion
MEZG RE: Assign subobject
MEZL RE: Del.assgn.RU->bldg/prprty
MEZO RE: Assign RU -> bldg/prprty
MHAK RE: Activate fee adjustment
MHER RE: Determine fee adjustment
MHST RE: Cancel fee adjustment
MKAU RE: Purchase
MKFV RE: Intended for purchase
MKON RE: RE object account assign.
ML01 Allow price determination
ML02 Selection
ML03 Determine sequence
ML04 Accumulate
ML05 Single-level pr. determination
ML06 Multi-level pr. determination
ML07 Allow closing entries
ML08 Mark prices
ML09 Cumulation: Calculate Prices
ML10 Cumulation: Post Closing
ML11 Cumulation: mark prices
ML12 Cumulation:Dtrm Delta Postings
MNAN Create measure
MNER Replace with measure
MNEZ Cancel replacement by measure
MNKA RE: Service charge settlement
MNKS RE: Cancel service chrge sett.
MNPL Planning on measure
MNPZ Planning on approp. request
MOAE RE: Change object
MOAL RE: Create object
MOLO RE: Delete object
MOLZ RE: Reset deletion flag
MRAB RE: Reset demolition
MRBT RE: Reset include in portfolio
MRBV RE: Reset intend.for portfolio
MRF1 Execute FIFO Valuation
MRF3 FIFO Valuation: Doc. Extract
MRKF RE: Reset purchase
MRKV RE: Reset intended f.purchase
MRL1 LIFO Valuation Single Material
MRL2 LIFO Valuation Pools
MRL3 LIFO Lowest Value Comparison
MRL4 LIFO Results Single Material
MRL5 LIFO Results Pools
MRL9 LIFO Valuation: Doc. Extract
MRN0 Lowest Value Market Prices
MRN1 Lowest Value Range of Coverage
MRN2 Lowest Value Movement Rate
MRN3 Loss-Free Valuation
MRN9 Bal.Sheet Val.per Acct
MRTE RE: Reset division declaration
MRVV RE: Reset intended for sale
MRWU RE: Reset business lower limit
MRY1 Average Receipt Price
MSEA RE: Reset acct assgn. blk gen.
MSEM RE: Reset master data blk gen.
MSOL RE: Execute periodic postings
MSSA RE: Set accnt assign.blck gen.
MSSK RE: Set RE acct assign. block
MSSM RE: Set master data blk gen.
MSST RE: Cancel periodic postings
MTAR RE: Archive subobject
MTEI RE: RU division declaration
MUOA RE: Create subobject
MVAB RE: RA inspection
MVAC RE: Activate RA for RU
MVAE RE: Change lease-out
MVAG RE: Create commercial RA
MVAN RE: Create RA for RU
MVAR RE: Reset inspection for RA
MVAS RE: Reset activation
MVAW RE: Create residential RA
MVBA RE: Remove flow block
MVBS RE: Set flow block
MVDA RE: Print RA changes
MVDR RE: RA first printout
MVFA RE: Change aktive RA
MVFG RE: Activate comm. RA created
MVFR RE: Activate lease-out
MVFV RE: Activate comm.prov.agrmnt
MVFW RE: Activate residential LO
MVKR RE: Cancel sale
MVKS RE: Rev. RA cancellation
MVKT RE: Repay security deposit
MVKU RE: Cancel lease-out
MVKV RE: Intended for sale
MVKZ RE: Reverse sec.depos.repymnt
MVLO RE: Set RA flag for deletion
MWUN RE: Economic ruin
PAPL Profit Planning
PAYD FI: Payments
PCAA Act.assess. in PrCtr Acctng
PCAB Stock planning
PCAD Act.alloc. in PrCtr Acctng
PCAE Transfer act. CO-PA to EC-PCA
PCAK Planning stat. key figures
PCAP Profit center acctg – planning
PCPA Plan assess. in PrCtr Acctng
PCPD Plan alloc. in PrCtr Acctng
PCPE Transfer plan CO-PA to EC-PCA
PDCH PDC download of order data
PDCO PDC download of operation data
PEV1 Progress Analysis, Original
PEV2 Progress analysis, adjustment
PGLT Valuate parameter effectivity
PM10 Credit limit check invalid
PM11 Credit limit check valid
PM12 Reset credit check
PMM1 Postpone notification
PMM2 Put notification in process
PMM3 Assign order
PMM4 Complete notification
PMM5 Print notification
PMM6 Put notif. in process again
PMM7 Terminate order assignment
PMM8 Mark for deletion
PMM9 Remove deletion flag
PMMA Archive notification
PMMB Assign sales order
PMMC Cancel sales order assignment
PMMD Put notif. in process again
PMO1 Create equipment
PMO2 Install equipment
PMO3 Dismantle equipment
PMO4 Structure equipment hierarchy
PMO5 Dissolve equipment hierarchy
PMO6 Terminate configuration ref.
PMO7 Change of material
PMOA Change technical object
PMOB Enter PM planing data
PMOC Enter PM processing data
PMP1 PP order assignment
PMP2 Cancel assignment to PP order
PMS1 Goods receipts
PMS2 Order assignment
PMS3 Delivery note assignment
PMS4 Service contract assignment
PMS5 Delivery to customer
PMS6 Assignment to inspection stock
PMS7 Return to stock
PMS8 Goods issues
PMS9 Blocked condition
PMSA Delete assignment to delivery
PMSB Delete assignment to order
PMSC Delete assign. to inspectn lot
PMSD Stock transfer
PMSE Delivery to Customer: Canceled
PMSF Assignment to delivery
PMSU Stock transfer (one-step)
PMT1 Deliv. to customer consignment
PMT2 Outw movemt fm consigmt custmr
PMT3 Deliv to custmr retn packaging
PMT4 Outw movemt fm retn pakg custr
PMT5 Return    fm custr consignment
PMT6 Inwd movemt to consgnmt  custr
PMT7 Return    fm custr retn packg
PMT8 Inwd movemt to custr retn pckg
PMTA Handling unit assignment
PMTB Delete assignment to HU
PMTC Physical inventory
PMTD Delete physical invent. active
PPMA Material assembly
PRC2 Statistical key figures
PRC3 FI data transfer to EC-PCA
PRC4 Trans.bal.sheet items to PrCtr


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