Business Add-in Definition

Name of the definition of a business add-in (BADI). Business add-ins are SAP’s new enhancement concept. There are two different views:

  • In the definition, you create an enhancement that is called from the application code
  • In the implementation,  you save the code for the functions for the enhancement

You create business add-in definitions using transaction SE18. They contain the business add-in interface. In the application code the instance variable is typed according to this interface. You can create several implementations for each add-in definition.
There are two main types of BADI definitions:

  • Multiple use – that is, there can be several active implementations
  • Filter-dependent  – that is, you apply a filter value to each method called (for example, a country). A  different (active) implementation is then called for each value. Possible filter values are characterized by the filter type.


Source : SAP HELP

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